Short-toed snake eagle

Female snake eagle © R. Freze
Snake eagle © R. Freze

With a wingspan of 1.80 meters, the snake eagle is one of the biggest birds of prey in the Calanques.

When it is in the air, the snake eagle can be recognised by its plumage: light on its abdomen and dark on its throat, as well as by its typical hovering. When its scans the area searching for a prey it seems to be able to freeze, as if it has stopped.

As a migrating bird, it spends winter in Africa and returns to the Calanques each year to breed. The female lays one egg, and incubates it for 45 days. The hatchling is then raised in the nest for a further two months.

Scientific name : Circaetus gallicus

Did you know ?

The snake eagle feeds nearly entirely on snakes.

Conservation stake



  • Changes to its environment
  • Disturbance by humans during its breeding season
  • Shooting

How can I help to protect it ?

  • I keep to the marked trails
  • I do not practise motor sports in the Calanques