Regulations in the air

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Use of recreational drones

In compliance with regulations for motorised aircraft (see below), it is strictly forbidden to fly drones below one-thousand meters altitude in the Calanques National Park. The objective of this regulation is to protect the area's exceptional natural environment.



Use of motorised aircraft

The use of planes, helicopters, and other motorised aircraft including drones has an impact on the natural environment: disturbing species, interfering with reproduction periods, noise pollution, etc. As a result, the use of motorised aircraft over the Calanques National Park is against the law at altitudes below one thousand metres. The national park can, however, provide special authorisation for: 

  1. public-service assignments by, or on behalf, of a public authority
  2. scientific missions
  3. maintenance of community facilities 
  4. authorised works
  5. aerial photos authorised by a public service

Flying over the Calanques National Park for shooting film or taking photos can only be authorised under exceptional circumstances by the head of the public authority. Individual dispensation features the itinerary and air corridor, landing location, number, and frequency of rotations including details about periods and locations.

The decree no.2012-507 dated 18 April 2012 creating the Calanques National Park regulates the activity of motorised aircraft over the park under the following conditions: except authorisation by the head of the public authority, "flight by motorised aircraft over the area below one-thousand metres" (1° of II of article no.15) is against the law.

 "This applies to necessary flights including approach, landing and taking off from Marseille Provence airport and flights made in compliance with flight regulations for the daily transit "La Ciotat – Cap Croisette – Carry le Rouet" at one-thousand nautical miles from classified land and below 500 metres altitude." (Last paragraph of II of article no.15)

 "In the natural reserve of the Riou archipelago created by the decree dated 22 August 2003: dispensation for flights of motorised aircraft over the park mentioned in 1° of article II of article no.15 can not be delivered below 150 metres altitude." (4° of article 20)



Use of unmotorised aircraft

Decree no.2012-507 dated 18 April 2012 creating the Calanques National Park regulates flight by unmotorised aircraft over the area under the following conditions: flight by unmotorised aircrfat below one thousand metres altitude is regulated by the head of the public authority and if necessary, subject to authorisation (1° of III of article 15). The request is subject to deliberation by the Board of Directors. 

Volume II of the Calanques National Park charter specifies details for regulation of unmotorised flights in its MARCœur 27: the head of the public authority regulates or, if necessary, authorises periods, take-off sites and activity zones for unmotorised microlight craft (paraglider) for flight over the park below one-thousand meters altitude under the following conditions:

1. Activity authorised only on the takeoff and landing sites used on the date of creation of the park

2. Practice is only authorised on sites for which an agreement has been established with the owner at the date of creation of the Park and on sites intended for agreement. The deadline for signing an agreement for sites not covered by an agreement at the time of the creation of the Park is set by the head of the public authority

3. Restrictions may be set in sensitive areas and periods after consultation with the scientific committee

4. The sites used must not be subject to:
(a) development
(b) clearing undergrowth
(c) advertising
(d) gatherings, especially events or competitions

5. Flight over the area below one-thousand meters altitude by unmotorized aircraft is against the law in areas corresponding to the biotope of the Muraille de Chine classified by the decree dated 30 March 1993

6. Take-off and landing of hang-gliders, paragliders, and any other unmotorised aircraft is against the law in areas corresponding to the biotope Vallon de Toulouse classified by decree dated 24 October 2003