Blue rock thrush

Blue rock thrush © F. Dhermain
Blue rock thrush © J.P. Durand - Parc national des Calanques
A typical Mediterranean bird, this blue rock thrush with its beautiful bluish plumage is present on the islands around Marseilles and the Calanques where it runs along the screen and blocks of rock searching for large insects and lizards.

Small-sized, it is difficult to identify, and mainly found by its melodious song.


Scientific name : Monticola solitarius

Breeding season : August to March

Did you know ?

The male’s plumage is entirely grey whereas that of the female is brown.

Conservation stake



  • Disturbance by humans during nesting periods

Conservation management initiatives

  • Temporary closure of climbing areas
  • Channelling of visitors

How can I help to protect it ?

  • I stay on the marked trails