Wild boar

A short-legged mammal, a wild boar can be recognized by its black, thick and shaggy coat and its triangular head with a long muzzle.

It is an omnivore which clearly prefers vegetation: acorns, roots and bulbs that it picks up or unearths with its snout. The female can have two to three litters per year with an average of six piglets per litter! This species is prolific and requires the population to be monitored and controlled.

Scientific name : Sus scrofa

Natural habitat : Garrigue and maquis scrublands

Did you know ?

Other than humans, the wild board has no other predators.

Conservation stake


Conservation management initiatives

  • Do not feed these wild animals: do not leave any picnic waste. Take it with you.
  • Do not get close to these animals and do not frighten them with noise. If you do you’ll be putting yourself at risk.
  • Avoid over-brimming bins and close the lids properly or even better, keep them in a closed area. For residents: avoid watering private lawns.