Storm petrel

The storm petrel is the smallest sea bird in Europe. It weighs up to 30 grams and measures up to 40 centimeters.

Its plumage is browny-black, except for its pygostyle and a white band on the underside of its wings. This species lives on the high seas, and only comes to the islands to breed in natural rocky cavities.

Scientific name : Hydrobates pelagicus

Breeding season : February to November

Did you know ?

The islands of Marseilles, the only proven breeding site in continental France of this Mediterranean variety, represent an important place for the conservation of this species.

Conservation stake





  • Overpopulation of the yellow-legged gull
  • Changes to its environment
  • Predation by introduced mammals (black rat)
  • Disturbance by humans mainly at night

Conservation management initiatives

  • Channelling of visitors
  • Capture and monitoring of introduced mammals (black rat)

How can I help to protect it?

  • I keep my dog on a leash on the Frioul archipelago
  • I do not take my dog to the Riou archipelago
  • I keep to the marked trails