Scientific Council

The Calanques National Park Scientific Council was created by prefectural order on 27 June 2012.


The missions of the Scientific Council

Its tasks are to give opinions:

  • on authorisations for works in the terrestrial core of the National Park;
  • on authorisations for works and activities in the marine core of the National Park;
  • on planning documents;
  • on projects affecting biological and human equilibrium and contributing to the protection of the National Park's natural and cultural heritage;
  • in the context of the "precautionary principle" procedure.


The main focuses and orientations

The scientific council, in conjunction with the director of the National Park, defines the main focuses and orientations of the multiannual research programmes carried out by the public institution, in particular :

  • improving knowledge on natural equilibrium and the relationships between humans and the environment; 
  • disseminating the results to stakeholders, local populations and visitors;
  • applying this research to the management of natural spaces and cultural heritage;
  • defining the Park's development and conservation policies;
  • monitoring the coherence of the different research projects of interest to the Park territory and disseminating all related information;
  • supporting Park actions and programmes with partner organisations;
  • connecting with research organisations, technical bodies and the academic world, in particular by mobilising research work on the Park's terrestrial and marine areas;
  • helping to design and implement scientific components of regional, national and international cooperation actions;
  • assisting with projects for the creation of integral reserves and proposals to the Management Board for their management plan;
  • proposing participatory science actions to involve inhabitants, users and visitors in the conservation and enhancement of heritage;
  • identifying and coordinating studies and publications (scientific and/or popularisation) carried out by the Park;
  • validating protocols and databases initiated by the Park.


Composition of the Scientific Council

It is made up of 26 members, including 15 specialists in Life and Earth Sciences, and 11 specialists in Humanities and Social Sciences.

The Bureau of the Scientific Council is chaired by Ms Denise Bellan-Santini, a specialist in oceanology, and its three Vice-Chairs:

  • Mr Thierry Tatoni, specialist in general and landscape ecology: Vice-Chair for "life and earth sciences of the terrestrial environment" 
  • Mrs Sandrine Ruitton, specialist in coastal marine ecosystems: Vice-Chair for "life and earth sciences of the marine environment" 
  • Mrs Katherine Walery, specialist in urban planning: Vice-Chair for "human and social sciences"