Montpellier snake



The montpellier snake can be recognised by its large round eyes topped by prominent bony crests which give it a stern look. Its scales, lined with a spur, are browny-olive in colour on the back and yellow on its stomach. If it feels threatened, it can drawn-up the first third of its body and strongly hiss to impress its opponents It has two venomous fangs with which it kills its prey: small mammals, chicks and lizards. It is harmless to man. Baby snakes are born at the end of summer. They measure about 20 cm at this stage, i.e. 10 times less than their maximum adult size.

Scientific name

Malpolon monspessulanus

Where can you see it?

  • Natural habitats: Garrigue and maquis scrubland

Did you know?

Contrary to other types of European snakes the males are bigger and more imposing that the females. It can measure up to 1.80m.

Conservation stake



  • Road traffic
  • Fragmentation of its habitat

How can I help to protec it?

  • I keep to the trails
  • I keep at a distance from the animal.