Equal Opportunities Agreement

A partnership for social commitment

At the Callelongue semaphore station © J. Moreira
TransÉco - seminar at Le Frioul © J. Grossmith - Parc national des Calanques
On Tuesday 12 July 2016, the State, represented by the Prefect for Equal Opportunities, the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis and the Calanques National Park, signed a partnership agreement. The aim of this partnership is to organise and guide relations between the National Park and vulnerable members of the public, inhabitants of the Calanques' neighbouring districts targeted by the city's policies, working towards a shared social commitment and the use of the territory by its inhabitants.


Natural heritage and social justice

The social dimension, one of the three pillars of sustainable development, is not a mission written into the law on national parks, like nature conservation or the promotion of a respectful economy. However, in Europe's only peri-urban national park, taking into account the social dimensions is a necessity.

This convention is part of an environmental justice approach. It has four objectives:

  • to provide access to everyone to the natural monument of the Calanques
  • to allow everyone to enjoy the benefits of the ecological transition
  • strengthen the link to nature in working-class neighbourhoods classified as priority areas
  • to preserve for the future these natural sites under pressure


Promotion, mobilisation and inclusion

This convention initiates concrete actions supported by shared funding in three main areas:

1. Educational success and the promotion of values connected to the natural heritage, the environment and culture

In this context, many educational actions for "priority education" classes and children's social organisations have been facilitated.

2. The mobilisation of inhabitants in a participatory approach to share projects related to the National Park territory

Within this framework, the following have been funded or coordinated:

  • festive events
  • training and actions on the connection with nature and the ecological transition

Some examples of events:

3. Employment and integration through work, particularly for young people

In this framework, the reception, support and financing of the following have taken place: