Corridors of calcareous algae



Lithophyllum is a calcareous algae with shades of read, pink and white that can build ridges along rocks where waves break and form “corridors” that are as hard as rock. It is covered in small upright lamellae and has many alveoli where a multitude of organisms live.

Scientific name

Lithophyllum byssoides

Where and when to can you see it ?

  • Natural habitats: Lithophyllum corridors

Did you know?

Gradually becoming rarer, it is still not know how resistant these formations are to trampling. It is, therefore, better to avoid walking on it!

Conservation stakes



  • Global warming
  • Trampling
  • Pollution
  • Coastal developments

Conservation management initiatives

  • Transplantation of cuttings and dissemination of seedlings
  • Contribution in improving wastewater treatment
  • Raise public awareness

How can I help to protect it?

  • I do not trample in the zones where it grows
  • I look but don’t touch!
  • I share this best practice with other seafarers and raise their awareness