Common genet


Living unnoticed in the Calanques, this small carnivore has a coat and a shape that resembles a cat but its body is slender and its muzzle more pointed, its paws are shorter and its neck and its tail longer! Its large ears that can be clearly differentiated from its coat and its elongated muzzle ends with a dark brown nose. It is nearly 90cm long, 40 cms of which are its tail. Its adult weight ranges from 1.5 to 2 kg. The common genet builds its resting places in rock heaps, crevices, caves, hollow trees. It is a good climber and can also rest in tree tops.

Scientific name​Genetta genetta

Natural habitats

Did you know?

Originating from Africa and introduced into Europe Ancient Rome and Medieval Islam times (when it was considered a pet), the common genet looks like a cat. However it doesn’t belong to the viverridae family but to the feline family, of which it is the only representative in Europe!

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