Bonelli’s eagle

Emblematic of the Mediterranean region, Bonnelli’s eagle is France’s most endangered bird of prey.

It lives in a couple throughout the year in the same area and nests in crevices in rocky cliffs. The female lays one or two eggs and baby falcons , or eyas, that hatch after a month and half of incubation, are raised for two months. On average its wingspan measures 1.60 meters and the female is stockier and larger than the male. It mainly feeds on birds, mammals and reptiles.

Scientific name: Aquila fasciata

Did you know?

Today there are only 35 breeding couples between the eastern Pyrenees and the Var (French country).  One of these couples nests in the Calanques.

Conservation stake

Very strong


  • Electrocution on electricity pylons
  • Disturbance by humans during climbing or hiking activities
  • Changes to its environment

Conservation management initiatives

  • Temporary protection of nesting areas during the breeding season
  • Closure of climbing areas

How can I help to protect it?

  • When climbing, I respect any closed climbing areas