Accessibility and disability

Work by the national park is underway to improve accessibility to the Calanques for people with a disability.


Motor disabilities

The uneven terrain around the Calanqes means that access is difficult for people with motor disabilities. None of the national park sites have Tourisme et Handicap certification for tourists with a disability. The national park is currently working with specialised associations and local authorities to improve this situation. Tourists with a motor disability currently have several options for visiting the Calanques:

Please contact us for more information. We will recommend the best way for you to visit the Calanques depending on your disability.


Sensory disabilities

Sponsored by GMF insurance company and in partnership with CPIE Côte provençale, the national park has developed an audio-guided walking tour for visually impaired tourists.

Contact the CPIE Côte provençale to book 2D maps and the 3D model of the Voire fountain.




Mental disorders

Working with GMF insurance company, the national park has produced two brochures that are "easy to read and understand". These tools were developed to ensure that visitors with mental disorders can discover this rich land.