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The Calanques National Park Public Institution is made up of several teams, under the responsibility of the Director of the National Park Public Institution, François Bland, appointed by the Minister for Ecology on the advice of the Board of Directors on 23 April 2013.


Multidisciplinary teams

The Calanques National Park employs a permanent team of technical agents and project managers at the head office, grouped into different divisions, covering fields as diverse as scientific knowledge, environmental education, communication, land-use planning, and the cultural mission.

They are the privileged contacts of the territory's partners, they define the actions to be implemented and work in close collaboration with the field agents, spread over three territorial units:

  • the Marseille hills and valleys sector
  • the Western coast and archipelagos sector
  • the Eastern coast and sea sector

At headquarters or in the field, convinced of the necessity of their mission, they are equally committed to the protection of this exceptional territory and to the defence of this heritage, striving to pass on its riches while respecting its fragility and beauty.



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