Animal biodiversity in the Calanques

Bonelli's Eagle © F. Launette
There are 100 protected animal species in the Calanques National Park, including various birds, bats and reptiles.



80 species of nesting, or potential nesting, birds have been observed, including 67 that are protected at national level, such as Bonelli's Eagle (one of the 32 pairs counted in France nest in the Calanques).

Among the seabirds, the Yellow-legged gull, known as "Gabian" by the Marseille people, has seen its numbers stabilise. In the summer, it is easy to see rafts of Cory's Shearwaters on the waves, or families of European Shags on the coastal rocks.



When it comes to mammals, there are 13 species of bats in the National Park (out of the 17 in total in the Bouches-du-Rhône department), such as the European Free-Tailed bat who, with its 40-cm wingspan, is one of the largest bats in Europe.



The National Park also has a great variety of reptiles, such as the Ocellated lizard, which holds the record of the largest lizard in Europe (80 cm long). The European Leaf-toed gecko is a small nocturnal gecko, which is endangered on an international level.


Also, amphibians and insects...

These include notably the Mediterranean Tree frog, a typically Mediterranean frog and the Common predatory bush cricket, the largest cricket in Europe.


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